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The Golden Diesel Marine Engine

We are excited to announce that we have begun production of our own engine videos. These informative and entertaining productions will last between 30 to 50 minutes and are for sale to you on DVD or VHS.

Shooting began in June 2008 on our untitled documentary. This documentary involves the compression of time and people involved in the life of a 1914 Gideon Diesel engine found on the Canadian coast of Newfoundland. The engine originally built in the industrial town of Horsens Denmark, traveled across continents and oceans and indeed through time itself. The story is also of the industry of the areas where it traveled and of one man who was able to run it in the 1950’s (for one day before it was abandoned) and finally rescuing it in 2000.

We are still assembling funding and any investors out there are invited to call us. We will be placing teasers and trailers on You Tube in the coming months. We will also begin a blog and you can follow us on our journey to make this documentary. Watch back here for postings.

“The Great IHC M Adventure” is a tale of the obsessive hunt for a first engine, a IHC M 3 hp, from the wilds of Saskatchewan, Canada, and the eventual taming and restoration adventure which follows. This production is full of helpful hints for those restoring their own IHC M engines as well as inclusion of a digital reproduction of the parts manual issued by IHC for ignitor engines and print advertising.
Customers pre ordering our first production entitled “The Great IHC M Adventure”, will get 20 percent off the regular sale price.
* Please note that shipping is not included in the sale price. Please drop me an email for a quote.

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