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Engine Tourism in Canada – Shows of Note

These are some shows that are of note in Canada. I have currently limited myself to the province of Alberta, but if you have an upcoming show date please let me know.

I highly reccomend Christine Harrold’s tractor / engine show listings. Click this link to view her fantastic listings.  I finally met Christine at the Camrose show in 2007. I let her know that the only reason I was at the show was because of her list. I know that she had been slowly discontinuing her wonderful engine web pages that I had been following so closely for so many years (as I was gearing up to get into the hobby), because she felt that no one out there was watching. I hope to some extent I changed her mind about fully withdrawing her well researched and cataloged work .

2009 was a great year. A big thanks to all those who I met at these shows, both displaying and visiting. Please click on the year button to see images of the shows I have attended.

Click on the 2010 frame to view some of the shows I hope to display at. Things can always change so if you are specifically trying to see me, it would be best to drop me a line and ensure that I will be showing.

If you are in another province or even state, and think there is a show I HAVE to show at, please let me know as I am considering going a little further a field with my Trailer.

I am now looking for sponsors for the 2012 season to help support and widen my travels. Click on the SUPPORT button.

Here is a list of shows:

2007 Shows

2008 Shows

2009 Shows

2010 Shows

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