Magneto and Electrical

Magneto and Electrical Systems

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High Tension Magneto

– for use on rotational speeds of 500 RPM or over

Low Tension Magneto

while the ignition should be considerably advanced while running it, it is nessesary to retard it when starting, as the engine is liable to kick back with an advanced spark.  This advance and retard device should be accesable while the engine is running and the operator should be able to control the point of ignition at all times.  Many men have been seriously injured by the lack of this device or by neglecting to use it.  1

– Electrical shock

– Grounding the magneto

The best system for “killing” the gasoline engine is the disconnection of the magneto.  It is wise where in case of an emergency shut down to either install a kill switch or run your set up in a way where you know a good tug on the magneto wire will cease all igntion.   It is unrelyable to depend on shutting down the fuel systems on many antique engines as the fuel stored in the mixers and carbs tend to allow for long run on times.

1. Practical Handbook of Gas, Oil  and Steam Engines, John B Rathbun, Charles C Thompson Co, 1916

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