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Gasoline Safety

Most of us know about the safety issues regarding gasoline and petrolium fuels, but occasionally we get lazy.  This is just a reminder that when working with fuels and engines, standard safety proceedures are an important part of keeping our hobby running smoothly and maintaining the public trust.  Handling, transporting and storing fuel is always fraught with risks. A little caution when handling fuel can prevent loss of life, personal injury, and property and environmental damage.  The province of Ontario (Canada) consumer website gives us these tips.

Fuel Safety Tips

  • If you need to transport fuels such as propane, gasoline or oil, it should only be carried in approved containers certified by agencies such as the Canadian Standards Association or Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada.
  • Containers should never be filled right to the top. Gasoline expands in warmer temperatures and spillage may occur. Be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and any source of ignition.
  • On the way home from the service station, carry containers in the trunk of the car with the trunk propped open at least 10 cm (four inches) for adequate ventilation.
  • Fuel should be stored safely. Keep it outdoors and out of the reach of children.
  • Having fire supression devices and knowing how to use them is also very important.  Fire extingushers of type ABC (dry chemical) as well as water buckets are an important part of an engine show and display.  But it is not only important to have them, they need to be certified as in working order with all tags and seals in place.  Knowing how to use them is paramount.  If one insists on having a CO2 extinguisher one must know that their use is limited in high winds, but are excellent for gas fires.  Always aim at the base of the flame and work the extinguishing media down wind.  If you cant fight the fire in the first few seconds, know the exit plan and how to call for help.

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