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This is a private collection that receives no government funding. As such rescuing and restoring these items as well as running this website, incurr costs that far outweigh any possible monetary gain. Donations of money, antique equipment, and engines are cheerfully accepted. As a part of our donor family, we are working to establish what benefit you will recieve for your support. Shortly we will be launching our quarterly news letter both digitally and in possibly in print (for those not yet in the information age) and you are entitled to a years subscription. Thanks in advance and we are proud to welcome donors into the Engine Utopia family.

If you have any old engines, engine parts, documents or any other paraphernalia that you wish to donate, we will gladly give them housing and consideration. Please contact Leo for details. Please note that we are collecting pre 1940 engines for the collection with special emphasis on pre 1920. We will however consider near anything.


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