Links to Historic Parks and Museums

Museums and places of preservation are very important to our history and maintenance of the technology.  Please make sure you support them as without their work we will be in a new dark ages about our past.  Click on the images to link to these other sites.


Canadian Tractor museum westlock stationary engines

The Canadian Tractor Museum

The Westlock & District Tractor Museum Foundation was formed in 1999 with the vision of developing a world-class museum in Westlock, Alberta dedicated to vintage tractors. There are more than two hundred fully-restored antique tractors owned by the museum and members of the Vintage Tractor Club. In 2006 the Foundation added a storage building for steam engines and extra tractors.This facility enables our community to preserve a large part of the area?s rich farming history, and prevent the loss of local collections of historical significance.


Reynolds Machine Museum

Reynolds Museum – Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

The Reynolds Museum calls itself the machine museum as it’s collection runs the gamut from airplanes to old cars, agricultural to industry.  Check out their website.  They are well worth the visit and if you are able, visit during the harvest fair or one of the special event days.  People from all over bring their antiques to show at the museums grounds.


Pioneer Acres Irricana museumPioneer Acres – Irricana, Alberta, Canada

The Pioneer Acres Thresherman and Plow man’s club of Alberta is my home club. It is also a registered museum. The club owns a large collection of antique tractors and engines. It is also home to the Carey collection of antique trucks (by appointment only). If you have the time to visit, this is a great little museum.

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