Shows 2008

List of Shows in 2008

Here is a short listing of the adventures I had in 2008:

Westlock show – Rained out. Although my friends up there tell me Saturday became nice, I couldn’t drive 5 hours in the rain.

Lacombe show – It was great. Smaller crowds due to earlier rain but very satisfying. Not alot of engines displayed.

Markerville – Small show but alot of heart. We showed for one day only. Congratulations to Will Voss for winning the ribbon for best small engine display.

Big Valley steam show – It was great! Well worth the trip. Again I only showed for one day but will definitely do two next time. Thank you to the organizers of that event for their most gracious welcome.

Leduc West Antique Society –  Missed It 🙁  I had to work late and could not afford the time. I hear it was good.

Leslieville show – Most Engine guys for years. Dan Wiese even made it down! It was a fantastic show, lots of enthusiasm.
Check for my Youtube posting with clips from this show.

Irricanna Show – Good show weekend. Will Voss started on his post drill display. 3 days of interesting displays.

Reynolds Museum Fair – A nice harvest weekend. Well attended. The Gideon made its first appearance to great interest! Thanks to Randy for letting me drive the FBM Tractor! Now I want one… dont tell my wife.

Heritage Park Fall Fair – It was wayyyy better than I expected.  I had worked there in my youth and hated it’s political quagmire.  I stayed delightfully out of it all.  Yes, I had to wear the uniform that the costume NAZI’s provided, but hey, I was well provided for as a volunteer.  A big hearty thanks to Brian for inviting me, I would love to do it again.  Ray and I belted up a feed grinder to my T. Eaton Waterloo boy.  Video can be seen at YouTube.

Irricanna engine days – Small and quiet, we didnt have many people. A good time had by all. We welcomed Peter into the fold. I hope he will display more, his Lawson was a beaut!

Camrose Museum Thresher days – Yea, I was late…  It is awefully hard to load the trailer and get up so early for a 3 hour drive. I enjoyed myself. Thanks again to Dave Fitche, for inviting me! A really good show and the last of the season.

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