And the winner for 2009 is……..

You Guessed it…

Same as 2008…
…NOBODY!!! Yes, nobody entered the 2009 or the 2008 contest. For those of you who were watching, when I brought up the idea of a contest for best engine display on the SmokStak board… I was soundly trounced. However, I feel that for the most part it was the bitter folk or the ego driven who were responding. However, I tried anyway and nobody wanted to take my hard earned cash. So the real winner in these times of economic strife is Me!

Announcing the 2010 Engine show display contest. I am awarding $100.00 of my hard earned cash to the best submission to me and this website. Keep in mind that it is not a contest for the best restoration, or the rarest engine, but rather it is the most imaginative and informative documentation of your display as presented to the public in the 2010 show season.

I am still developing the rules and they will be posted soon, but here are some of the guidelines…

– Submissions must be received by post or electronically no later than December 15, 2010
– Submissions can be video (DVD format), print, microsoft word, JPG
– Submissions at this time are from anywhere in Canada, US or Europe
– The display must have been presented to the public at a verifiable club show
– The work you present to me must be your own (you hold all copyright and image rights)
– Submissions will not be returned (so don’t send originals unless it is a donation)
– By submitting to the contest, the individual is granting full rights to me posting and using the material on my websites
– The judge’s ruling as to the winner is final.
– I reserve the right to cancel, update, and generally maintain the rules and guidelines as I see fit
– The price awarded is worth $100 Canadian dollars; any conversion will be made at rates current as of the date of award

So here is what I am looking for:

Good visual communication of the concept, execution, and presentation of the display;
Good depth of knowledge of the history of the items presented;
Good depth of technical proficiency in the execution and maintenance of the display;
Good “telling” of the story; and
Good intent to capture or engage the imagination of the audience.

Meet the judges…IT’S ME!!  (for now)

Once I choose a winner (if there is one) I will be posting the winning entry on the website and perhaps You Tube.

So good luck, and if you have any questions…  ASK

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